College of Medicine MD Curriculum

Radiology Elective – Bryan AHEC (4 week)

Title of Clerkship: Radiology Elective – Bryan AHEC (4 week)

Elective Type: Third Year Elective

Department: Radiology

Clerkship Site: Wauseon

Course Number: RADI 764

Blocks available: By request through AHEC Center Office.

Number of students per block: 1

Faculty: Michael Pole, MD and Donald Cox, MD

Elective Description/Requirements:
This clerkship will offer the student a four-week rotation spent with the physician in the Radiology Department at Fulton County Health Center. The student will study the diagnosis and treatment of diseases with the use of radiologic techniques, including contrast studies and radiation therapy.

Length of Clerkship: 4 weeks

Educational Course Objectives and Links to EPOs:

  1. Demonstrate ethical and dependable behavior required by imagists and themselves as it relates to patients. (EPOs: PB1-2)
  2. Recognize the scope of normal images, and recognize the limitation of their knowledge as it applies to imaging of pathology, and begin to create a matrix of fundamental principles to begin lifelong learning. (EPOs: PBL-1)
  3. Recognize the most frequent imaging manifestations of common diseases in multi-modalities. (EPOs: MK-2)
  4. Communicate, orally and in writing, with patients and health-care professionals, from the imagists in the normal functioning of diagnosis and intervention. (EPOs: IPC-1)
  5. Identify all procedures that take place on a daily basis in an active imaging department, including tube placements, biopsies, and drainage procedures using imaging guidance, and CT-guided ablation therapy. (EPOs: PC-3 )
  6. Identify the most common types of imaging and describe how they are used in the treatment of disease. (EPOs: PC-7)
  7. Retrieve images from the PACS system in order to make decisions and solve problems in the care of patients. (EPOs: PC-6)

Professionalism: UT/COMLS students will meet or exceed the institutional standards for professionalism as stated in the current Educational Program Objectives and the current Educational Course Objectives for the Sponsoring Department.

Instructional Methods:

  • Case Studies
  • Clinical Case Presentations/Discussions
  • Mentored Clinical Practice
  • Small Group Discussion

Evaluation Methods:  

  1. Attendance
  2. Clinical Log
  3. Professionalism Assessment
  4. Clinical Competency Evaluation
  5. Faculty Observation of Small Group Behavior

Prerequisites: Successful completion of Yrs. 1 & 2, and a passing score on USMLE Step 1.

Bryan AHEC Center Office Contact: Rachel Froelich, MSNED, BSN, RN, Bryan Area Health Education Center (BAHEC) Director
Phone Number: 419-630-2106

Clerkship Director: Haitham Elsamaloty, M.D.

Clerkship Coordinator: Mary Carroll
Phone Number: 419.383.3403

Special Requirements: At discretion of your preceptor.

ECC Approved
June 2023

Last Updated: 9/11/23