College of Medicine MD Curriculum

Ambulatory Family Medicine St. Luke's

Title of Clerkship: Ambulatory Family Medicine

Elective Type: Fourth Year Elective

Department: Family Medicine

Clerkship Site: University of Toledo Department of Family Medicine Clinical Sites, St. Luke’s Family Medicine Clinical Sites

Course Number: FMMD 714

Blocks available: By request

Number of students per block: 1

Faculty: Family Medicine Faculty at the site where Ambulatory elective occurs

Elective Description/Requirements:
The Department of Family Medicine offers a four-week ambulatory experience. The students will work with UT/SLH faculty members at one, or more, ambulatory clinical sites

Length of Clerkship: 4 weeks

Links to Core Competencies/Educational Course Objectives:

  1. The students will interview and examine patients with complaints relating to the full spectrum of ambulatory Family Medicine. EPOs: MK-4, MK-5, MK-6, PBL-7, PC-2
  2. Students will demonstrate and discuss how Family Medicine can be adapted to the interests and talents of
    individual physicians.
    EPOs: MK-11, MK-12, PBL-1
  3. Students will demonstrate physical diagnosis techniques and therapeutic program planning. EPOs: PC-2, PC-8, PBL-6
  4. Students will demonstrate communication skills to facilitate an ongoing partnership with patients, their families, other health professionals, and within the community. EPOs: MK-16, PC-11, PB-6, IPC-1, SBP-1, PBL-6

Professionalism: UT/COM students will meet or exceed the institutional standards for professionalism as stated in the current Educational Program Objectives and the current Educational Course Objectives for the Sponsoring Department.

Instructional Methods:

  1. Ambulatory care experiences.
  2. Resident program/department conferences.

Evaluation methods employed:

  • Faculty/resident observation and assessment of clinical skills.

Prerequisites: Successful completion of third year required Family Medicine clerkship.

Clerkship Director: Shirley Bodi, MD

Clerkship Coordinator: Lindsey Brillhart
Phone Number:

Last Updated: 2/19/23