College of Medicine MD Curriculum

Otolaryngology Elective – Bryan AHEC (4 week)

Title of Clerkship: Otolaryngology Elective – Bryan AHEC (4 week)

Elective Type: Fourth year elective

Department: Surgery

Clerkship Site: Bryan, Ohio

Course Number: ENTS 713

Blocks available: By request through the BAHEC Center Office.

Number of studentsper block: 1

Faculty: Michael Nosanov, M.D.

Elective Description/Requirements:
This clerkship is designed to expose medical students to common ear, nose and throat problems such as recurrent tonsillitis, otitis media, hearing loss, swallowing problems, hoarseness, dizziness, chronic ear disease, sinusitis, maxilla facial trauma, snoring, sleep apnea, and head and neck

Length of Clerkship: 4 weeks

Links to EPOs Educational Course Objectives: At the end of the rotation the student will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate a surgical history and physical examination focusing on otolaryngology problems. EPOs: MK-1-8, PC-1-4, IPC-1-3
  2. Manage patients with basic otolaryngology problems. EPOs: MK-1-8, PC-6, PC-9
  3. Interpret audiogram, tympanogram, and sinus CT. EPOs: PC-7-8
  4. Write a complete patient order including interpretation of laboratory and radiographic/imaging studies. EPOs: PC-7, PC-8, PC-10
  5.  Assist in minor procedures and in the operating room. EPOs: PC-6
  6. Demonstrate an understanding on the treatment of common otolaryngology problems. EPOs: MK-1-8, PC-1-3, PC-8, PC-10
  7. Manage and monitor the pre- and post- operative otolaryngology problems. EPOs: MK-1-8, PC-6, PC-9
  8. Accurately present patient information concerning the patient’s condition, progress and results of laboratory and radiographic/imaging studies. EPOs: MK-1-8, PC-8, PC-10, IPC-2, PBL-5, PBL-7

Professionalism: UT/COM students will meet or exceed the institutional standards for professionalism as stated in the
current Educational Program Objectives and the Educational Course Objectives for the Sponsoring

Instructional Methods:

  1. Interpretation of lab data
  2. Diagnostic tests/use and interpretation
  3. Small group discussion
  4. Teaching rounds
  5. Ambulatory care experience

Evaluation methods employed:

  1. Clinical competency evaluations
  2. Professional assessments
  3. Attendance

Prerequisites: Successful completion of required third year clerkships.

Bryan AHEC Center Office Contact: Rachel Froelich, MSN, RN
Phone Number: 419.630.2106

Clerkship Director: Stephanie Pannell, M.D.

Clerkship Coordinator: Claudia Davis
Phone Number: 419.383.3580

Special Requirements:
On call and other special requirements will be at the discretion of the preceptor and clerkship director. The student will be required to be in the physician’s office during office hours each day unless otherwise specified by the preceptor.

Last Updated: 2/20/23