College of Medicine MD Curriculum

Family Medicine Elective - Lima AHEC (4 week)

Title of Clerkship: Family Medicine Elective  - Lima AHEC (4 week)

Elective Type: Fourth Year Elective

Department: Family Medicine

Clerkship Site: Bluffton, Delphos, Fostoria, Lima, Ottawa 

Course Number: FMMD 716

Blocks available: By request through the AHEC Center Office.

Number of students per block: 1 per site

Faculty: Various preceptors

Elective Description/Requirements:
This rotation is a one-to-one basis with a family medicine physician. The student is responsible for hospital and office work ups, unless otherwise specified by the preceptor. Any written orders and workups will be checked, discussed, and countersigned by the preceptor. 

Length of Clerkship: 4 weeks

Links to Core Competencies/Educational Course Objectives:

  1. Demonstrate physical diagnosis skills and therapeutic program planning. (EPOs: PC-1, PC-6 PC-7, PB-3)
  2. Recognize the importance of continuity of care in improving patient outcomes. (EPOs: SBP-1, SBP-2, SBP-3)
  3. Describe the role Family Physicians in coordinating care for optimal patient management. (EPOs: PC-4)
  4. Explain the importance of the Family Physician in providing medical care in a smaller community. (EPOs: SBP-1, SBP-2, SBP-3)

UT/COM students will meet or exceed the institutional standards for professionalism as stated in the current Educational Program Objectives and the current Educational Course Objectives for the Sponsoring Department.
Instructional Methods:

  1. Teaching rounds.
  2. Clinical case presentation/discussions
  3. Mentored clinical practice.

Evaluation methods employed

  1. Faculty assessment of clinical skills.

Prerequisites: Successful completion of third year required Family Medicine clerkship.

LIMA AHEC Center Office Contact: Roni Kaufman
Phone Number: 1.419.226.9450

Clerkship Director: Rameez Bhatti, M.D.
Clerkship Coordinator: Lindsey Brillhart
Phone Number: 419.383.5557

Special Requirements: Night call is at the discretion of the preceptor. 

ECC Approved
October 2023

Last Updated: 6/12/24