College of Medicine MD Curriculum

Population/Public Health

Title of Clerkship: Population/Public Health

Elective Year(s): Fourth-Year

Department: Multidisciplinary/ Department of Medical Education

Type of Elective: Non-Clinical

Clerkship Site: UTCOMLS & Toledo-Lucas County Department of Health

Course Number: INDI 742

Blocks Available: All

Number of Students/ Block: 4

Faculty: Donna Woodson, MD; Eric Zgodzinski, DrPH (Health Commissioner, Toledo-Lucas County); Consultant: Daniel Cadigan, MD (Medical Director)

Elective Description/ Requirements: The students will have an immersive learning opportunity in Population Health as they hear from regional experts in public health via small group discussions followed by actual field experiences in which they will participate in food safety courses and restaurant inspections, environmental health inspections including education and evaluation methods for lead poisoning. They will learn basic concepts in infectious disease epidemiology, from the importance of immunizations to hospital reporting of infectious diseases to the Health Department and the epidemiologist’s role in disease intervention. Discussions will include opiate addiction in the community and the use of naloxone. They will spend time with the Minority Health Director in addition to discussing emerging strategies to address social determinants of health and the use of vital Community Health Assessment data.

Length of Clerkship: 4 weeks

Educational Course Objectives and Links to EPOs:

  1. Describe & discuss the fundamental principles of preventive medicine & public health. (EPOs: MK-15)

  2. Describe & discuss the impact of health care disparities in delivery of care & the manner in which diverse cultures perceive & respond to health/illness. (EPOs: SBP-2, MK-11)

  3. Describe & discuss the non-biologic determinants of health. (EPOs: MK-12 )

  4. Describe & discuss the need to collaborate with others in promoting population health. (EPOs: PB-6)

  5. Describe & discuss the key principles required for delivery of culturally competent care and the ability to communicate in a culturally competent manner. (EPOs: PB-7, IPC-3)

Professionalism: Students will meet or exceed the institutional standards for professionalism as stated in the current Educational Program Objectives and the current Educational Course Objectives for the Sponsoring Department.

Instructional Methods:

  1. Experiential: Food Safety Course & Restaurant Inspection; Environmental Inspections 
  2. Small Group Discussion
  3. Participation in Medical Clinics
  4. Lecture with Video

Evaluation Methods:

  1. Observation
  2. Student presentation
  3. Development of Patient Education Materials
  4. Reflection

Prerequisites: Successful completion of all M3 clerkships

Clerkship Director: Donna Woodson, MD

Clerkship Coordinator: Jamie Daughton
Phone Number: 419-383-4458

Special Requirements: None

ECC Approved
May 2015

Last Updated: 2/15/24