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Brenda Leady


Brenda Leady

Associate Lecturer


Ph.D., University of Toledo, Dept. of Biology, Toledo, Ohio - Emphasis: Aquatic Ecology
M.S., University of Toledo, Dept. of Biology, Toledo, Ohio - Emphasis: Comparative Animal Physiology
B.A., Hiram College, Dept. of Biology, Hiram, Ohio - Emphasis: Zoology/Ecology

Teaching Philosophy:

I believe effective teachers have content knowledge and a desire to share that knowledge. Teachers are coaches that use a variety of techniques to grow mastery. It’s not enough to memorize a list of facts. Science today grows too quickly. A good scientist must have content knowledge and be able to integrate new knowledge and apply it to new situations. In order to help students, I use a variety of techniques. Scientific teaching is the use of techniques shown by research to be effective. For example, I use case studies to emphasize the application of facts to new situations. I pioneered the use of “clickers” at UT. I’ve used clickers to engage students in analyzing data and predicting outcomes. Using clickers gives me the ability to gauge understanding in class and tailor my lectures to those needs. In the end, I hope students feel they have been treated with fairness and respect. I want my students to have the content knowledge and the ability to apply that knowledge for their continued success.

Research Interests:
Technology in the Classroom, Scientific Teaching

Courses Taught at UToledo:
BIOL1120 Survey of Biology
BIOL1220 Survey of Biology Lab
BIOL2150 Fundamentals of Life Science I
BIOL2160 Fundamentals of Life Science Lab I
BIOL2170 Fundamentals of Life Science II
BIOL2180 Fundamentals of Life Science Lab II
BIOL3070 Human Physiology


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