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ChairpersonWelcome to the Department of Biological Sciences web site. We hope that you can find answers to many of your questions here. In summer 2000, we reorganized our department to emphasize our teaching and research mission toward a focus on organismal biology, cell/molecular biology and biochemistry. We have an outstanding faculty whose nationally and internationally recognized research programs study signal transduction in a variety of different systems ranging from cultured cells to plants, nematodes, fruit flies and mammals. Research interests span from transcriptional regulation to autoimmune disease, viral infections, cancer, apoptosis and neuronal development.
Our facilities are excellent with research and teaching labs in Wolfe Hall and in the adjacent Bowman-Oddy Laboratory building. Our teaching laboratories incorporate computers for every pair of students, and we offer an undergraduate departmental computer cluster and Help Center. New teaching laboratories came online in September 2013, which provided an important upgrade to our introductory and advanced laboratory instructional missions.
If you are looking for an undergraduate program that will prepare you for a career in the health care field (medicine/osteopathic medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, optometry and others) or a challenging research career in biotechnology or bioinformatics - one of the fastest growing fields in contemporary biology – our BS in Biology program is the right place for you! We have 600+ BS Biology majors and our placement record is excellent with >75% of these students with a 3.5 GPA or higher accepted at medical schools. Other students choose to enter the high paying biotechnology job market or other related areas.
Although most of our student select the BS in Biology degree program, we have recently added a BA in Biology for those looking toward dual degree programs with majors in other colleges, and or students targeting careers in occupational therapy, chiropractic medicine or other post-graduate arenas that do not require all of the core science courses in our BS curriculum. We also added a BS in Medical Technology (Medical Laboratory Science) program in 2013, which can prepare student for jobs in this high-demand area.
To help prepare our students for their chosen careers, we offer externship opportunities to work with Ohio-based research or product testing companies, and all students are encouraged to get involved in UG research in one of our outstanding research labs. Finally, we have many opportunities to get involved with professional societies, tutoring or working as an undergraduate teaching assistant.
If you are looking for a masters or doctoral program with an emphasis on cell/molecular biology, be sure to review our faculty research descriptions that highlight our research strengths. Doctoral students go on to excellent postdoctoral placements while M.S. graduates accept positions at pharmaceutical or biotechnology companies and in medical research labs. We also offer a BS/MS degree option in bioinformatics that allows students to get both degrees in five years.
In short, our department is an exciting place to be! We hope that you will give serious consideration to applying to our undergraduate and graduate programs.
Dr. Douglas W. Leaman
Professor and Chair
Last Updated: 6/9/16