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Wolfe Hall
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Wolfe Hall

Wolfe Hall houses state-of-the-art research laboratories for the Department of Biological Sciences, Chemistry and the College of Pharmacy. The facility cost $33 million dollars and was dedicated in 1998. Wolfe Hall is adjacent to Bowman-Oddy Laboratories which houses Environmental Sciences faculty    

All of the biosciences faculty have their research labs on the third and fourth floors of Wolfe Hall and/or Bowman Oddy. Graduate and undergraduate students work side by side with our faculty in these labs to conduct research into a variety of important research topics. 

The College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Instrumentation Center (basement of Wolfe Hall) contains additional equipment available for biological research, including a Western Blot Imager and Dynamic Light Scattering Particle Analyzer. For more information check out the Instrumentation Center's Webpage.  

new labsBiological Sciences Teaching Labs

The south wing of Bowman-Oddy is home to the Medical Technology undergraduate teaching labs.  The rest of the Biological Sciences teaching labs are located on the east and central corridors of Wolfe Hall, where they were completely renovated in 2011-2013.  Each pair of students has access to a computer to collect data, graph results, or capture digital images. The updated labs also contain a plethora of new equipment and are designed for easy student movement and flow within the space.  A new project-based laboratory space was also built in the central Wolfe Hall corridor for Biological Sciences undergraduates.  

Biological Sciences Help Center

Looking for help with any biology course? Stop in to Wolfe Hall 1261A and talk to one of our graduate students. The Center is designed to assist students with additional resources for understanding course material. Information on particular assignments should be directed to the faculty or teaching assistants for that course. 

Biology Help CenterHelp Center

Hours vary each semester and are posted on the door. Generally, the center is open M-F 9AM-4PM.

Last Updated: 5/27/20