Department of Biological Sciences

Biology Lecturer

Sally Harmych


Sally Harmych

Senior Lecturer



Educational Background
Bachelor of Science in Biology, University of Toledo, 1992
Doctor of Philosophy in Biology, University of Toledo, 2000

Teaching Philosophy
My primary goal as a science educator is to get students to think about science as a process, not just facts that they memorize for the exam. I teach primarily the introductory biology courses and understand how important it is to provide my students with a good foundation of knowledge that they will expand on in future courses. My goal in the classroom is to create an environment in which students have the opportunity to learn in different ways and feel comfortable asking questions. To accomplish this, I combine lecture with interactive activities. Students are asked to answer clicker questions or work through a case study pertaining to the topic. I have found that when students use the information they are learning to problem solve, they gain a better understanding of the material.

Research Interests
Parasitology, Education strategies

Courses Taught at UT
Major Concepts of Biology (BIOL2010)
Fundamentals of Life Science: Diversity of life, evolution and adaptation (BIOL2150)
Human Nutrition (BIOL3210)
Parasitology (BIOL4330)
Last Updated: 9/28/21