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Silvia Mabel Goicoechea

Silvia Mabel Goicoechea 

Research Assistant Professor
BO 3090 

Educational Background 

B.S., Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata, Argentina

PhD, Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata, Argentina 

Postdoc, UNC Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA


Research Interests
My research interests are focus on the remodeling of the cytoskeleton during the process of cell migration. Aberrant regulation of cell migration drives progression of many diseases, including cancer invasion and metastasis. In particular, my research is focus on the remodeling of extracellular matrix (ECM) that allows cancer cells to alter their microenvironment to clear space and create tracks along which cells can migrate more efficiently. To do that cells form actin-based subcellular structures termed invadopodiaor podosomes that are well-characterized as a specialized machinery for ECM degradation. Therefore, the fundamental mechanisms of cell migration and invasion are critical for our understanding of both basic biology and the pathology of disease. 


The actin crosslinking protein palladin modulates force generation and mechanosensitivity of tumor associated fibroblasts. Azatov M , Goicoechea SM , Otey C, Upadhyaya A. Sci. Rep. 6:28805, 2016.

Palladin expression is a conserved characteristic of the desmoplastic tumor microenvironment and contributes to altered gene expression. Cannon AR, Owen MK, Guerrero MS, Kerber ML, Goicoechea SM, Hemstreet KC, Klazynski B, Hollyfield J, Chang EH, Hwang RF, Otey CA, Kim HJ. Cytoskeleton. 72(8):402-11, 2015. Featured on the cover.

I'm coming to GEF you: Regulation of RhoGEFs during cell migration. Goicoechea SM, Awadia S, Garcia-Mata R. Cell Adh Migr. 2;8(4), 2014

Palladin promotes invasion of pancreatic cancer cells by enhancing invadopodia formation in tumor-associated fibroblasts. Goicoechea SM, García-Mata R, Staub J, Valdivia A, Sharek L, McCulloch CAG, Hwang RF, Urrutia R, Yeh JJ, Kim HJ and Otey CA. Oncogene 6;33(10):1265-73, 2014

Structure and function of palladin's actin binding domain. Beck MR, Dixon RD, Goicoechea SM, Murphy GS, Brungardt JG, Beam MT, Srinath P, Patel J, Mohiuddin J, Otey CA, Campbell SL. J Mol Biol. 23;425(18):3325-37, 2013

The actin associated protein palladin is important for the early smooth muscle cell differentiation. Jin L, Gan Q, Zieba BJ, Goicoechea SM, Owens GK, Otey CA, Somlyo AV. PLoS One 22;5(9):e12823, 2010

Isoform-specific upregulation of palladin in human and murine pancreas tumors. Goicoechea SM, Bednarski B, Stack C, Cowan DW, Volmar K, Thorne L, Cukierman E, Rustgi AK, Brentnall T, Hwang RF, McCulloch CA, Yeh JJ, Bentrem DJ, Hochwald SN, Hingorani SR, Kim HJ, Otey CA. PLoS One 26;5(4):e10347, 2010.

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The role of palladin in actin organization and cell motility.Silvia Goicoechea, Daniel Arneman and Carol Otey. Eur J Cell Biol. 87(8-9):517-25, 2008

Palladin binds to Eps8 and enhances the formation of dorsal ruffles and podosomes in vascular smooth muscle cells. GoicoecheaSM, Arneman D, Disanza A, Garcia-Mata R, Scita G and Otey C. J. Cell Science 119(Pt 16):3316-24, 2006

Low density lipoprotein receptor-related protein is a calreticulin co-receptor that signals focal adhesion disassembly. A.W. Orr, C. Pedraza, M.A. Paller, C. Elzie, SM Goicoechea, D. Strickland, J. Murphy-Ullrich. J. Cell Biol. 161(6):1179-89, 2003

Anti-adhesive Activity of Thrombospondin is Mediated by The N-terminal Domain of Cell Surface Calreticulin. Goicoechea SM, Pallero MA, Eggleton P, Michalak M., Murphy-Ullrich JE. J Biol Chem. 277(40):37219-28, 2002

Nck-2 interacts with focal adhesion kinase and modulates cell motility. Goicoechea, SM; Tu, Y; Hua, Y; Chen, K; Shen, T-L; Guan, J-L; Wu, C. Int. J. Biochem. Cell. Biol. 1255:1-15, 2002

Thrombospondin mediates focal adhesion disassembly through interactions with cell surface calreticulin. Goicoechea SM, Orr WA, Pallero MA, Eggleton P, Murphy-Ullrich JE. J. Biol. Chem. 275(46):36358-68, 2000The LIM-only protein PINCH is a binding protein for the integrin-linked kinase (ILK). Tu, Y; Li, F; Goicoechea, SM; Wu, C, Molecular and Cellular Biology, 19(3):2425, 1999

Integrin-linked protein kinase regulates fibronectin matrix assembly, E-cadherin expression and tumorigenicity. Wu, C; Keightley, SY; Leung-Hegesteijn, CH; Radeva, G; Coppolino, M; Goicoechea, SM; McDonald, JA; Dedhar, S. J. Biol. Chem. 273(1):528-536, 1998

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Book chapter:

Cell surface calreticulin-thrombospondin de-adhesive activity in Calreticulin in Health and Disease. SM Goicoechea and J.E.Murphy-Ullrich. In Calreticulin 2nd Edition. Ed. Paul Eggleton and Marek Michalak. Landes Bioscience, Georgetown, Texas (2002).

B.S., Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata, Argentina

PhD, Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata, Argentina 

Postdoc, UNC Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA

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