Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Past UT Mathematics and Statistics Ph.D.s

This page lists the past recipients of Ph.D.s in Mathematics from the University of Toledo. Along with the recipient, the thesis title and advisor are also given.

$\ast$ indicates faculty advisors no longer actively affiliated with the department's graduate program.

Clos, Timothy

Compactness of Hankel operators with continuous symbols on domains in $\mathbb{C}^2$

advisor: Sonmez Sahutoglu

Mei, Jingning

Efficient Inference for Parameters and Error Distribution of Unobservable Time Series

advisor: Qin Shao; Rong Liu

Karki, Ramesh

Sobolev gradient semi-flows and applications to nonlinear problems

advisor: Alessandro Arsie

Liu, Gang

A New Approach to ANOVA Methods for Autocorrelated Data

advisor: Qin Shao

Tang, Lin

Efficient Inference for Periodical autoregressive Coefficients with Polynomial spline Smoothing Approach

advisor: Qin Shao

Wang, Suohong

Semiparametric Inferences under Density Ratio Models

advisor: Biao Zhang

Bhattaral, Giriraj

Inverse Problem of Lagrangian Mechanics in Dimension Three

advisor: Gerard Thompson

Liu, Hanyang


advisor: Mao-Pei Tsui $\ast$

Paudyal, Bhupendra

Eigenfunctions of composition operators

advisor: Zeljko Cuckovic

Appuhamy, Amila K.

Algebraic properties of Toeplitz operators on weighted Bergman spaces

advisor: Zeljko Cuckovic

Zhao, Ming

Some Topics on Semiparametric Statistical Inferences

advisor: Biao Zhang

Nikpour, Mehdi

Toeplitzness of the adjoint of composition operators and parametric Toeplitz operators on the Hilbert-Hardy space

advisor: Zeljko Cuckovic

Zhang, Dong

Statistical Inferences of Comparison between two Correlated ROC Curves with Empirical Likelihood Approaches

advisor: Biao Zhang

Shabanskaya, Anastasia V.

Classification of Six Dimensional Solvable Indecomposable Lie Algebras with a codimension one nilradical over R

advisor: Gerard Thompson

Stephens, Robert

The Steenrod Algebra as a Prime Ring and the Krull Dimensions of the Steenrod Algebra

advisor: Charles J. Odenthal $\ast$

Crumley, Michael

Ultra products of Tannakian categories and generic representation theory of unipotent algebraic groups

advisor: Paul R. Hewitt $\ast$

Marinov, Petko

Stability of capillary surfaces with planar or spherical boundary in the absence of gravity

advisor: Henry C. Wente $\ast$

Powell, Megan O.

Mathematical Models of the Activated Immune System during HIV Infection

advisor: Harris W. Vayo $\ast$

Gajewski, David C.

Analysis of groups generated by quantum gates

advisor: Paul R. Hewitt $\ast$

Yousef, Abdelrahmen F.

Two problems in the theory of Toeplitz operators on the Bergman space

advisor: Rao V. Nagisetty $\ast$

Hindeleh, Firas Y.

Tangent and Cotangent Bundles, Automorphism Groups and Representations of Lie Groups

advisor: Gerard Thompson

Liu, Nanshan


advisor: En-Bing Lin $\ast$

Deng, Xin


advisor: Biao Zhang

Rawashdeh, Mahmoud S.

Representations for Six Dimensional Lie Algebras with a codimension two nilradical and the inverse problem for the associated canonical connection

advisor: Gerard Thompson

Wan, Shuwen

Statistical Inferences for ROC Curves under Density Ratio Models

advisor: Biao Zhang

Hettiarachchi, Chamath J.

Representations for Six Dimensional Lie Algebras with a codimension one nilradical

advisor: Gerard Thompson

Zhang, Shiju

Statistical Inferences under a semiparametric finite mixture model

advisor: Biao Zhang

Peng, Cheng

Fitting and testing continuation ratio logistic regression models based on case-control data

advisor: Biao Zhang

Strugar, Igor

The inverse problem for the canonical Lie group connection in dimension five

advisor: Gerard Thompson

Cao, Rongmei

Lagrangian submanifold of almost symplectic manifolds

advisor: Geoffrey K. Martin

Mahler, Andreia B.

Bianchi-Backlund Transformations for Constant Mean Curvature Surfaces with Umbilics - Theory and Application

advisor: Henry C. Wente $\ast$

Shi, Hongbo

Finitistic dimension of monomial algebras

advisor: Charles J. Odenthal $\ast$

Guan, Zhong

Some results about empirical likelihood method

advisor: Biao Zhang

Ling, Yi

Theory and applications of 2-D nonseparable wavelet interpolation and approximation

advisor: En-Bing Lin $\ast$

Ghanam, Ryad

The holonomy groups of four dimensional neutral metrics

advisor: Gerard Thompson

Ma, Jingjing

Lattice Ordered Rings

advisor: Stuart Steinberg $\ast$

Xiao, Zhengchu

Theory and applications of multiwavelet approximation

advisor: En-Bing Lin $\ast$

Wang, Bowen

Geometric structures of the dynamical equations

advisor: Geoffrey K. Martin

Zhou, Xiaolin

Wavelet interpolation and applications for partial differential equations

advisor: En-Bing Lin $\ast$

Vadakkekurputh, Vijay

On locally finite automorphism groups

advisor: Martin R. Pettet $\ast$

Xu, Shaogang

An ergodic process of zero divergence-distance from the class of all stationary processes

advisor: Paul C. Shields $\ast$

Nyayapati, Swami Prer Kumar

Some new results in the rapidly forced pendulum

advisor: Martin Kummer $\ast$

Patnaik, Umadhar

Volume constrained Douglas problem and the stability of liquid bridges between two coaxial tubes

advisor: Henry C. Wente $\ast$

Gompa, Vijaya

Topologically-algebraic categories of universal algebras

advisor: H. L. Bentley $\ast$

Murthy, Nistala

Essentially algebraic categories of partial algebras

advisor: H. L. Bentley $\ast$

Gompa, Raghuramaiah

Approximations to the quantum mechanical time evolution

advisor: Martin Kummer $\ast$

Garimella, Ramesh

Two problems in the theory of Banach algebras

advisor: Rao Nagisetty $\ast$

Bick, Richard Yee

Continuous alphabet channels: The $\bar{\rho}$-topology, $\bar{\rho}$-finite memory and block coding

advisor: Paul C. Shields $\ast$

Payne, Cloyd A., Jr.

Intercellular impedance of myocardium tissue

advisor: Harris W. Vayo $\ast$

Arnold, Gene W.

Stability of Hill's equation by a perturbation method

advisor: Martin Kummer $\ast$

Czarcinski, Donald P.

The Cech homology theory for nearness spaces

advisor: H. L. Bentley $\ast$

Hastings, Maryam

Epireflective hulls in Near

advisor: H. L. Bentley $\ast$

Chu, Cecelia

The theory of approximation by polynomials with integral coefficients

advisor: R. Jackson $\ast$

Beehler, Jerry R.

Categories and semigroups

advisor: A. Johanson $\ast$

Taylor, Barbara June

On Wallman rings and embeddings

advisor: H. L. Bentley $\ast$

Antoniou, Nikolas D.

On the convergence of perturbation theories that avoid secular terms in quantum mechanics

advisor: Martin Kummer $\ast$

Mcdonald, Dennis A.

Arithmetical functions on a locally finite, locally modular, local lattice

advisor: J. Chidambaraswamy $\ast$

Movasseghi, Darius

Problems in analytic function theory

advisor: A. R. Reddy $\ast$

Repsys, Rimantas

Spaces of measures on variable sigma algebras

advisor: S. S. Blakney $\ast$

Obi, Emman C.

The derivatives of the Rayleigh function

advisor: R. Jackson $\ast$

Cano, Julio V.

On fixed points, common fixed points and periodic points of continuous functions on a metric space

advisor: A. Johanson $\ast$

Robinson, Richard A.

Some theorems related to pattern recognition

advisor: Harris W. Vayo $\ast$

Schwartz, Howard J.

Composition operators on $H^p$

advisor: D. J. Deckard $\ast$

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