Department of Physics and Astronomy

Faculty: Aniruddha Ray


Associate Professor

MH 4017 | 419.530.4787

Scholars Profile

The goal of our research is to develop novel imaging and sensing platforms based on nanotechnology & photonics for solving complex problems in bio-medical research. Our focus is on developing new unconventional multi-modal optical imaging and sensing platforms, based on fluorescence, interferometry, non-linear optics and photoacoustics, which are cost effective and portable. These platforms are geared towards aiding personalized medicine by translating bio-medical research from the laboratory to the point of care. These platforms are directed towards questions such as understanding the pathophysiology of diseases, studying the interaction of drugs at the sub-cellular level etc. In addition to fundamental research, we are also interested in technology development, such as next generation diagnostics and bio-sensing technologies for healthcare applications.

Last Updated: 7/15/24