Department of Physics and Astronomy

Faculty: Xunming Deng


Professor of Physics

Ph.D., 1990, University of Chicago

419.530.4782 | MH 5002

Scholars Profile


Dr. Deng's research interests are in the areas of amorphous silicon photovoltaic materials and devices, thin film depositions, and photo-electrochemical production of hydrogen.

Thin film amorphous silicon (a-Si) materials have been broadly used in photovoltaic devices, flat panel displays and different kinds of sensors. Amorphous silicon photovoltaic technology and products have shown promises for widespread applications due to low-cost processing, materials durability and environmentally friendliness. Dr. Deng is interested in a-Si related materials and devices and has established a strong research program at the University of Toledo to fabricate high-efficiency, multiple-junction, a-Si alloy solar cells. His research group has fabricated triple-junction a-Si solar cells with 12.5% active-area efficiency (11.8% total-area efficiency) as confirmed by National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

These triple-junction a-Si based solar cells that Dr. Deng's group fabricates are ideal as photoelectrodes for use in direct photo-electrochemical production of hydrogen from water under sunlight. This is because these solar cells have voltage sufficient to split water, can be easily deposited on conducting substrates, and are made using low-cost deposition fabrication process.   

Last Updated: 5/2/24