Department of Physics and Astronomy

Recent Ph.D.'s in Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics

Name Ph.D. Received Dissertation Title Advisor Employment
 Lee, Ming  2014 August   B. Gao  
Constantinos, Makrides 2014 August A Quantum Theory of Atomic and Molecular Structures and Interactions B. Gao Adjunct Assistant Professor at Temple University, and Guest Researcher at NIST
Chen, YuJun 2008 December Quantum-defect theory of interacting diatomic system in a symmetric harmonic trap B. Gao M. S. student, statistics, Georgia State U.  
Khan, Imran 2007 December Quantum Theory of Many Bose Atom Systems B. Gao Research Associate, US Naval Research Lab, Washington DC
Sosov, Yuriy 2006 May Legendre Polynomial Expansion of the Electron Boltzmann Equation Applied to the Discharge in Argon C. E. Theodosiou Programmer/Analyst,
First Data
Polomarov, Oleg 2005 May Fast Kinetic Modelling of Low Pressure Inductively-Coupled Discharges C. E. Theodosiou Deceased (Nov. 2009)
Hodges, Gregory 2005 December* Measurements of Total Cross Sections of the n = 2 Excitation of Helium from the Impact of 10-25 keV Protons T. J. Kvale Consulting as medical physicist in Roanoke, VA
Chen, Guangzhou 2005 August Analysis and Design of Planar Waveguide Elements for Use in Filters and Sensors B. G. Bagley & R. T. Deck Senior system engineer, LinkQuest Inc., San Diego, CA
Anisimov, Igor 2003 May Photonic Integrated Circuits: Trimming, Tuning and Characterization B. G. Bagley & R. T. Deck Staff Scientist, Wright-Patterson Research Lab.
Andaloro, Richard 2003 May Refractometry Using Beam Profile Reshaping with Surface Waves and its Applications to Bioassay R. T. Deck & H. J. Simon Assistant Professor of Math & Science, Urbana Univ., Urbana OH
Shvydky, Oleksandr 2002 December Dynamics of a Plane Barrier Discharge C. E. Theodosiou Staff Scientist, Laboratory for Laser Energetics, U. of Rochester
Sikorski, Yuri 2000 August Design, Fabrication and Analysis of Integrated Optical Waveguide Devices B. G. Bagley & R. T. Deck

Sr. Staff Optical Engineer
Beckman Coulter, Inc.
Cellular Analysis Business Group
Fort Collins, CO

Matulioniene, Rasa 1999 August Angular Momentum Algebra for Symbolic Expansions in Atomic Structure Theory D. G. Ellis EMC Corp. (Hopkinton, MA)
Mirko, Mirkov 1998 May Design and Analysis of Optical Waveguide Elements in Planar Geometry B. G. Bagley & R. T. Deck Cynosure, Inc. (Westford, MA)
Sala, Anca 1998 May Propagation and Switching of Light In Rectangular Waveguiding Structures R. T. Deck & B. G. Bagley Engineering Dept. Chair, Baker College, Flint MI
Piryatinski, Andrei 1997 December Nonlinear Absorption and Luminescence in Organic Molecular Crystals R. T. Deck & N. Iwamoto T-14 Technical Staff Member, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Irving, Richard 1996 August Isoelectronic and Homologous Studies of Atomic Lifetimes in Few Times Ionized Systems L. J. Curtis Research Assistant Prof., Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, U. Toledo

*Indicates Ph.D. concentration in medical physics

Last Updated: 2/22/24