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Graduate Program Financial Assistance/Information


There are currently three types of assistantships available: Teaching Assistantships (TAs), Research Assistantships (RAs) and Graduate Assistantships (GAs). Teaching assistantships are typically offered to students in conjunction with their acceptance to the program and these assistantships include a waiver of tuition costs; the number of assistantships is always limited and the admission process is competitive. Note that for international applicants from countries where English is not the native language (see countries with waiver of English language proficiency testing), eligibility for a TA requires a score of at least 22 on the Speaking portion of the TOEFL (or equivalent score on accepted language proficiency test) and TA responsibilities require functioning well in English and good preparation for teaching introductory physics or astronomy laboratories. Students joining research groups often receive RA stipends. Assistantships normally continue for the duration of the student's stay in the program, conditioned on satisfactory performance of the student.

Assistantship levels consist of a standard amount of $22,000 for the academic year (Fall and Spring semesters). In addition, summer TA and RA positions receive stipends of $6,000. Teaching Assistants spend about 20 hours per week on their duties. Assistantship stipends for the 12-month period beginning in August total at least $28,000. Stipend Enhancements are available for highly qualified students (see below).

Stipend Enhancements

The Department of Physics and Astronomy offers Stipend Enhancements of $3,000 to exceptionally well-qualified students in their incoming year (paid $1,500 in Fall and $1,500 in Spring) pending available funds.

University Funding

The College of Graduate Studies offers a number of university fellowships and scholarships for prospective and current graduate students. Application deadlines are March 1.

external grants and fellowships

Graduate students can also apply for grants and fellowships outside of the university. These can be done with the help of their advisor or independently.

Expenses (Fees and Living/Housing Costs)

Fees vary by program and many other options. To calculate this information for your specific program, view the university's Tuition and Fees page for more information.

Housing for graduate students is available in Horton International House on campus. Major apartment complexes, smaller apartment buildings, houses, rooms and duplexes are all listed on the university's Office of Residence Life web site.

International students are encouraged to seek more information about housing, living conditions, local culture, and of course visa and immigration issues at the university's Office of International Student Services

Last Updated: 12/11/23