Department of Physics and Astronomy



     Robert and Noreen Stollberg Awards: Undergraduate Academic Award and Graduate Teaching Achievement.

Robert Stoll berg was a native Toledoan who received his B.S. in physics from Toledo University in 1935, and a Doctorate in Science Education from Columbia University in 1947. He spent over forty years teaching physics, astronomy, and electronics at San Francisco State University.

     A. Jackson and Sally K. Smith Scholarship

Jackson graduated from Toledo University in 1951 (Business) and in 1956 (Engineering Physics). Sally graduated from Ohio State University with a business degree. They are lifelong Toledoans.

     C.V. Wolfe Scholarship in the Natural Sciences

Cletus V. Wolfe was a former UT professor of government and constitutional law. His family established a scholarship fund to honor C.V. Wolfe's commitment toward the value of higher education for students in the departments of History, the Natural Sciences, Theater and in the College of Law.

     Elgin C. Brooks Memorial Astronomy Scholarship

Elgin and Helen (Professor Emeritaof Astronomy) Brooks were long-time friends and supporters of this department. This scholarship was established by Helen to honor Elgin's love of and dedication to astronomy.

     Elmer R. and Gertrude M. Brigham Scholarship in Science

This award was established in 1998 by the estate of former UT students, Elmer and Gertrude Brigham to provide scholarships for science students. The scholarship alternates every year among the science departments in the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics.

     David Turnbull Scholarship in Condensed State Physics/Materials Science

This award was established in honor of the late Harvard professor, Dr. David Turnbull, a world renowned scientist and educator. This award recognizes outstanding physics graduate-level students. (Endowed by Brian Bagley)

     John J. Turin Memorial Fund

Awarded to student majoring in physics, based on merit (3.5GPA or higher), individual leadership and contributions in the University community.


Edwin Jayamaha Scholarship (new)

This award was established by UT alumnus Upali Jayamaha in honor of his father, Edwin. Upali is a graduate of the Department of Physics and Astronomy, and has been involved with the solar energy businesses in the Toledo area. Recipients shall be outstanding students who are planning careers in renewable energy.




Last Updated: 5/27/20