Department of Physics and Astronomy

Department of Physics and Astronomy: Graduate Programs

Master of Science in Physics- Materials Science Option

A Master of Science Degree in Physics with a Materials Science Option is available. For this degree, a student must complete 30 hours of graduate credit, including the following:

  • PHYS 6140 (Fundamentals of Modern Physics), 6/8540 (Structure, Defects, and Diffusion), 6/8550 (Thermodynamics and Phase Transformation in Condensed Systems), and an additional 12 hours of graduate course credit in Physics with six of the 12 hours numbered above 6000 (no degree credit for PHYS 5900, 6010, or 6020)
  • The student must present a satisfactory thesis based on directed research for no more than eight hours of degree credit
  • The remaining hours within the 30 total may be chosen from any courses approved for graduate credit not previously elected, with the approval of the student's committee.


Last Updated: 7/15/24