Department of Physics and Astronomy


Program Description

  • $4,000 stipend for 10 weeks on campus
  • On-campus housing provided
  • Travel expenses to and from the University of Toledo provided
  • Schedule: 29 May 2007 - 03 August 2007 (different schedules possible if necessary)
  • Deadline: 01 March 2007 for full consideration. However, applications will be considered up until 27 April 2006, depending on the availability of funds and openings.

Our students are fully engaged in research at the "frontier of knowledge".  On the basis of their stated interests, students are managed to faculty members working in those areas.  At the beginning of the program, there is usually a period of time in which the student learns the background information relevant to her research.  This usually consists of reading books and research articles as well as discussions with the faculty mentor.  Once the student has become familiar with the basics in the field, the student studies the details of her problem.  Usually, this means mastering the techniques to be used in working on the problem.  These techniques depend on the nature of the work.  A student working on a computational problem would learn the relevant computational techniques.  A student working on an experimental problem would learn the details of performing the experiments.  A student working on a theoretical problem would study the details of the theory. 
 Our program is not just all work.  Students are housed in suites in one of our newer dormitories.  A sense of camaraderie is encouraged by housing the students close together.  There are a number of social activities in the Metropolitan Toledo area available to the students.  One high point of the summer is always the trip to Cedar Park, a nearby amusement park which specializes in roller coasters.  Students have a great time studying conservation of energy! The Toledo Museum of Art has a world renowned collection, surprising considering the size of Toledo.  The Toledo Zoo has a number of interesting exhibits, including the world's only hippoquarium.  There is also an active night life in the city as well as many coffee houses. 


Last Updated: 6/27/22