College of Nursing

B.S.N. and RN-B.S.N. Track Outcomes

The B.S.N. and RN-B.S.N. tracks expected outcomes include:

1)         Incorporate liberal education as a basis for generalist professional nursing practice.

2)         Apply leadership principles, skills and clinical reasoning for the delivery of safe, quality care in a variety of settings across the lifespan.

3)         Integrate evidence-based and patient-centered care into nursing practice across the lifespan.

4)         Use technology and informatics for delivery of quality patient care and evaluation of outcomes.

5)         Examine factors that influence health care systems, policy and finance.

6)         Apply inter- and intra-communication skills to improve healthcare.

7)         Promote, maintain and restore health for individuals, families and populations.

8)         Demonstrate accountability for personal professionalism and professional values.

9)         Provide nursing care consistent with nursing theory in various healthcare environments.

Last Updated: 10/23/23