Budget and Planning

CWA, Classified Exempt, and AFSCME Budget Funding


Permanent Filling of CWA, Classified Exempt and AFSCME position - General Fund

Due to step and longevity as well as the bargaining agreements of "bumping rights" in the CWA and AFSCME, a university wide holding account has been set for general fund positions.  As CWA/Classified Exempt/AFSCME positions become vacant in the general fund and refilled (typically with a lower step/longevity employee) the unneeded budget is removed from the index and reallocated to the holding account.  Conversely, if a higher paid CWA/Classified Exempt/AFSCME employee moves into a vacant position the budget necessary to completely fund the position will be reallocated out of the holding account and into the position.  This is only applicable to the general fund.  Designated and auxiliary funds will need to cover any necessary shortage.

Last Updated: 7/26/19