Budget and Planning

Salary Recapture


The salary recapture process applies to all general fund accounts and is designed to provide funding for one-time adjustments or supplements to expenditure authority.  Salary recapture funds may not be used to fund permanent base budget adjustments.

The funds removed from a general fund account through the salary recapture process will be placed in an institutional account (annual temporary reserve) under the signatory control of the president.

In general, areas are encouraged to use available staff to temporarily cover for vacant staff positions.  If a general fund position is likely to be vacant for a long period of time and/or becomes vacant during a critical time period for an area, the resulting uncommitted expenditure authority may be requested to be used to cover the responsibilities by another employee/temporary employee.  

Requests for the use of salary recapture funds must be requested prior to hiring a temporary position or agreeing to pay overtime to a current employee.  The request should be in writing (email is preferred) and signed off by the vice-president of the requesting area.  If approved, the funding for this would be a one-time budget transfer from the annual temporary reserve to intermittent call-in positions on a temporary basis.  The budget transfer should be submitted after the expenditure has been realized.  Only the salary and the applicable retirement and government fringes will be covered.

Last Updated: 8/14/19