Institutional Compliance

UToledo Hazing Report

The University of Toledo is dedicated to fostering an environment free from hazing and harassment.  Collin's Law was passed in the state of Ohio in 2021 to ensure that colleges and universities are working to bring an end to hazing on their campuses, and are fully sharing any incidents that occur.  The first reporting requirement is the initial report, which requires all incidents of hazing at the university for a five year look back be posted for public notice.  The incidents at the university are listed below.

Hazing Reports 2017 – 2021

  1. Pi Kappa Alpha

Incident Date – April 7, 2017

Resolution Date – April 18, 2017

Summary – New members were asked to run to various locations on campus at 1:00am in the rain while reciting the Greek alphabet, chapter letters, and other chapter songs

Charges – Responsible for 09. Hazing

Sanctions – Conduct Probation for one year, Restorative Action Plan, Administrative Fee of $25


  1. Pershing Rifles Company

Incident Date – April 12, 2017

Resolution Date – May 25, 2017

Summary – Candidates were made to participate in a late night physical training exercise, a scavenger hunt, and a late night final training event.

Charges – Responsible for 09. Hazing

Sanctions – Conduct suspension for 7 months, Conduct probation for one year following the suspension, Restorative Action Plan, Administrative Fee of $25


  1. Kappa Delta Sorority

Incident Date – October 26, 2018

Resolution Date – February 26, 2019

Summary – New members were encouraged by older members to drink alcohol at a Big/Little Event.

Charges – Responsible for (E)(5) Hazing, (E)(9)(a) Underage possession/consumption of alcoholic beverages, (E)(9)(c) Distribution/sale of alcoholic beverages to any person before their 21st birthday, (E)(9)(e) Hosting/participating in activity that promotes mass consumption of alcohol

Sanctions – Social Probation for 15 months, AlcoholEdu for Sanctions, Expectations Meeting, Restorative Action Plan, Philanthropic Event, Seminar, Administrative Fee of $25, Fine, of $100

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