Institutional Compliance

Institutional Compliance Committee Members




Key Represented Areas

Elliott Nickeson

Committee Chair

Assistant Director, Institutional Compliance

University of Toledo

Jeanne Clery Act Compliance

David Cutri

Committee Co-Chair

Executive Director of Internal Audit and Chief Compliance Officer

University of Toledo

Athletics Compliance

ADA Compliance

C’Shalla Parker

University Privacy Officer

University of Toledo

Data Privacy

Information Technology/Security

Heather Lorenz

Director of Environmental Health and Radiation Safety

Finance and Administration

Public Safety

Health and Safety

Jason Toth

Senior Associate Vice President of Administration

Finance and Administration

Facilities and Construction

Vicky Kulicke

Director of Title IX and Compliance

Student Affairs

Title IX

Sexual Misconduct

Dr. Angela Paprocki

Chief of Academic Operations

Academic Affairs

International Studies

State Authorization

Professional Licensure

Bryan Pyles

Associate Dean of Administration and Finance

College of Medicine and Life Sciences

Infectious Diseases

Clinical Research

Gina Roberts

Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management

Enrollment Management

Financial Aid

Dr. Constance Shall

Associate Vice President of Research


Institutional Review Board



Dr. Gary Rafe

Compliance Analyst, Export Controls


Technology Transfer

Export Controls

Christine Stesney-Ridenour

Chief Operating Officer -- UTMC

University of Toledo Medical Center

Joint Commission

Adviser:  Janelle Schaller

Senior Associate General Counsel

Office of Legal Affairs


General Advisory

Last Updated: 1/3/23