Institutional Compliance


The Office of Athletics Compliance serves the University's compliance plan by ensuring that the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics adheres to National Collegiate Association (NCAA), Mid-American Conference (MAC), and institutional regulations, policies, and procedures. Primarily, Athletics Compliance focuses on the NCAA's operating Bylaws, governing Amateurism (Bylaw 11) Personnel (Bylaw 12), Recruiting (Bylaw 13), Eligibility (Bylaw 14), Financial Aid, (Bylaw 15), Benefits and Expenses (Bylaw 16), and Playing and Practice Seasons (Bylaw 17). Responsibilities from day to day include training and education of student-athletes, coaches, staff, supporters, and the campus community, monitoring of activities that are legislated by the operating Bylaws, filing waivers and appeals of NCAA guidelines, investigating and reporting infractions, and interpreting rules.

In upholding the core values of the University and ensuring the welfare of our student-athletes, we encourage you to ask our staff questions related to NCAA, MAC and UT policies and regulations prior to taking action.

Brian LutzBrian Lutz
Senior Assoc. AD for Compliance

Kenneth SchankKenneth Schank
Asst. AD for Compliance


Last Updated: 1/3/23