Institutional Compliance

Mandatory UToledo Compliance Training


This webpage summarizes the process UToledo employs to assign compliance training that is mandatory for all faculty, staff, student employees, as well as all hybrid and affiliated covered entity as defined in the Mandatory Training Policy 3364-25-127. The following are considered mandatory compliance training courses, as determined by the UToledo Senior Leadership Team:

    • Building Supportive Communities: Clery Act and Title IX (the University’s sexual assault prevention training, required every other year for all UToledo employees and workforce members)
    • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act - HIPAA (required yearly for all hybrid and affiliated covered entity)
    • Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging (required for all new-hires)
    • Ohio Ethics
    • Data Security & Privacy

These courses were developed by Vector, and are administered by the University’s Human Resources and Talent Development and Internal Audit and Compliance departments using the Vector Solutions platform.  

Note that there are other compliance training courses that may be required for selected members of the employee community (example: Clery Act Campus Security Authority training) or are made available as a service to the employee or hybrid and affiliated covered entity (example:  FERPA Basics).  If your division requires that you complete these courses, the courses will be assigned to you automatically.  The following courses may also be assigned to any department upon request of a supervisor by contacting

Additional available courses include:

    • Accommodating People with Disabilities
    • Conflicts of Interest
    • Interviewing Candidates
    • Protecting Youth
    • and; several other additional courses

Faculty, staff, student employees, and hybrid and affiliated covered entity will be assigned the mandatory compliance training courses shortly after hire, and must complete these courses within one month of hire.  Employees may access these courses in any one of the following three ways:

    • Clicking on the link from the course invitation messages employees receive via email once the course(s) is assigned
    • Accessing the course from the “Training & Career Development” section of MyUT.
    • Clicking here to access a shortcut to all assigned Vector courses, where employees will need to enter their UTAD credentials

Should you need an employee or hybrid and affiliated covered entity individual to be assigned one of the above courses prior to their start date, please send their first name, last name, UToledo email address and Rocket ID to

Periodic status reports are provided to monitor the status of those assigned these compliance training courses.  As a result, if you believe you have been assigned a course in error, or have not been assigned a course you believe you should have been assigned, please contact the department of Internal Audit and Compliance at

The spreadsheets/progress reports of all people that have been assigned been assigned EverFi/Vector compliance training courses are updated each week and can be accessed via the Z:\InternalAudit\ComplianceTrainingReport network directory (please note that this file is large, and is intended for viewing online, rather than printing).  Please contact David Cutri should you have difficulty accessing a progress report.

Thank you for your support of institutional compliance at UToledo!

Last Updated: 1/4/23