Department of Internal Audit and Compliance

Objectives and Values


  • Evaluate financial and operational procedures for adequacy of internal controls and provide advice and guidance on control aspects of new policies, systems, processes and procedures.

  • Determine the accuracy and propriety of financial transactions.

  • Ensure that proper controls and safeguards are maintained to protect the University’s assets (tangible and intangible) from impairment, loss and unauthorized use and/or disposal.

  • Determine the level of compliance with University policies and procedures, local, state and federal laws and regulations and other contractual covenants.

  • Evaluate the accuracy, effectiveness and efficiency of the University's electronic information and processing systems.

  • Determine the effectiveness and efficiency of departments in accomplishing their mission and identify operational opportunities for cost savings and revenue enhancements.

  • Provide assistance in audits performed by the Auditor of State and/or other external auditors.

  • Investigate fiscal misconduct.


In carrying out our mission, we share certain beliefs and values. 

  • Our primary focus is to provide excellent service to the University. Our examinations will be performed in accordance with applicable standards established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA).

  • We are committed to the highest degree of fairness, integrity and ethical conduct in the performance of our mission.

  • We will adhere to the Code of Ethics as established by the Institute of Internal Auditors.

  • We will perform our work in an atmosphere of respect, helpfulness, sharing, patience, and openness.

  • We are committed to maintaining and enhancing our professionalism through continuing education and training.

  •  Although we are a part of the University we are committed to maintaining our independence in defining the scope and objectives of our examinations.   

 Aspirational Goals

  • Build an internal audit staff to be a knowledge resource serving as assurance and business adviser
  • Adjust to a stream of internal and external forces affecting strategies and operations
  • Build audit plans on a risk-based schedule
  • Engage resources when necessary to provide subject matter expertise in technical internal audit areas
  • Confront risks such as asset misappropriation, corruption, fraudulent financial reporting
  • Mitigate information technology risks that drive and redefine the operations of the university
  • Support university governance programs that promote ethics and transparency
  • Embed technology in all facets of auditing to work more quickly and more accurately
  • Systematically accumulate knowledge about operations, risk and controls, and business process best practices
  • Implement a systematic improvement methodology
  • Communicate effectively and with maximum impact   


Last Updated: 1/3/23