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Welcome to The University of Toledo Internal Audit and Compliance Department webpage!  Whether you are a UToledo employee from another department, or someone outside the University just visiting, we hope you will find this site to be a valuable source of information on the good work the team is performing and some background on the auditing and compliance professions in general. 

We in Internal Audit and Compliance take very seriously the charge that has been given to us by The University of Toledo Audit Committee of the Board of Trustees, which reads as follows: 

“The Audit Committee is charged with oversight and continuous improvement of fiscal and other controls for the University and insures that the fiduciary responsibility of the Board is carried out.  The Committee will insure that the highest ethical and legal standards are met.” 

The Internal Audit and Compliance organizations are the initial points of contact for executing this charge.   For additional detail on our mandate from the Audit Committee please refer to our Internal Audit Charter, our Departmental Vision and Mission, and our Strategic Plan

We in Internal Audit and Compliance seek to be the University-wide resource center for risk, control, and best practices information.  To that end, we employ several Objectives and Values that guide the performance of our work.  In additional to traditional risk-based audit services, we provide additional advisory services such as Control Self-Assessments (CSA), Business Process Improvement projects, Commercial Contract Reviews, Information Security Reviews, System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Consulting, Data Integrity Reviews, Athletics Compliance, Risk and Compliance Training, and other value-added services. 

Our Compliance team within Internal Audit is the initial point of contact within the University for phone calls made to our Anonymous Reporting Line.  It should be noted that the Anonymous Reporting Line does not replace your existing organizational channels in place, which is the preferred method for addressing concerns.  However, the Anonymous Reporting Line is available should communicating via organizational channels not be feasible, or when confidentiality is required.  Please access our hyperlinks for additional information. 

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.  Please visit us often to obtain the most recent news about our team! 

Best regards, 

David L. Cutri (Dave), CPA, CISA, CIA
Executive Director of Internal Audit
and Chief Compliance Officer


Contact Information 

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Scott Hall, MS532
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419-530-8718 - Voice

Last Updated: 11/1/23