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Submit or Publish a UToledo Calendar EVent


To submit an event to the University Events calendar, use the University Events submission form.

To submit an event to a college or department events calendar, contact the key communicator for that area. Some events calendars may not be accepting submissions.

Accessing Omni Calendar

  • Creating and publishing UToledo calendar events is accessible to only the designated calendar managers assigned user access.
  • For designated calendar managers with access permissions, login to Omni CMS. Select "Add-Ons" located in the top header, then click "Calendar".

Event information

To create an event, click the "+ New Event" button in the upper right-hand corner.

Complete required fields within Event Details:

  • Calendar: Select desired calendar for event to appear on.
  • Event Name: Title of event
  • Event Date(s) and Time: Enter a start and end date, option to create single day event or recurring series.

Additional Event Details:

  • About The Event: Description of event (can include hyperlinks).
  • Event Image:  Optional to upload an image to display for the event. If an image is uploaded, see Image Alt Text field and enter a brief description of the image (required). For further information on how to prepare an event image, please visit the Using Images toolkit page. 
  • Organizer and Categories: Option to display organizer of event. To create a new organizer, select "+ Add New" to the right of the Organizer field. Including categories allows users to filter events. Multiple categories can be used for an event; to create a new tag, type in desired name into the Categories field and hit enter. 
  • Location: From the drop down, select an event location (or select "+ Add New" to create a new location). Option to list Location Room number and/or Web Conference Link if event is being held virtually. 
    • By default, a Web Conference Link will display with the text “Join Online”. You may customize the text with the Button Label field.

Tickets and Cost:

  • Event Cost: To display whether an event is free or requires an admission fee, please select the cost and/or price range to be featured within the event details page.
  • Ticket Link: Direct users to an external page to purchase tickets and/or sign up for an event. You must include a Button Label for the link to appear.

Publishing a Calendar Event 

There are a few different ways to begin the process of submitting or posting a UT calendar event. The method available to you depends on whether you have permission to create events or publish events.

  • Users with permission to create events can create an event to submit for approval. Selecting “Create” does not publicly display the event until it is approved and published.
  • With all required event detail fields completed, users with permission to publish can publish the event. The event will be publicly displayed on the appropriate calendar once published.
  • If your calendar has the public “submit event” link enabled, users with permission to publish can view and approve submitted events under "Pending Approval" located to the left within the Event Calendar side menu.
Last Updated: 3/15/24