University Marketing and Communications

How to gather good student/faculty testimonials


  • Pre-screen students and faculty to find the best stories.
    • Choose a universal story that is universal, that will resonate with the most people.
    • What are you trying to market? Research? Supportive faculty? Choose a story that illustrates that.
    • Show diversity.
  • Interview the subject.
    • You may want to give them the questions ahead of time.
    • Face-to-face interviews are optimal. Phone conversations are next best. Emails are a last resort. You get better responses when there’s conversation. It also allows you to immediately resolve unclear responses or ask follow ups.
    • Ask open-ended questions, not yes-or-no questions.
    • Get more material than you think you need. You can always re-purpose it.
    • Be sure to gather demographic information: name, major, year of intended graduation, title, etc.
  • Choose the best quote to illustrate your point.
    • When you’re using quotes for marketing purposes, it’s OK to string together quotes from different parts of your conversation and clean up grammar. People rarely talk in a linear fashion. You want to be as true to the actual words that the subject used as possible, though.

 Testimonial examples





  • You can probably take your own photos. Most cell phone cameras take fine photos that can be used on the web. See the Brand Guide’s photography guidelines for tips on shooting.
  • Contact your marketing strategist about photo shoots.
Last Updated: 9/3/19