Office of the Provost

Guidelines for Evaluation of Nominations

Since the nomination forms require open-ended responses, it is not possible to structure a completely objective scoring system for evaluation of the responses.  However, several guidelines will be considered by the committee as it reviews the nomination forms.  Without indicating the relative weight ascribed by individual members of the committee, these guidelines include the following:

  • Content of nominations is the most important factor.
  • Information concerning nominations received in previous years is viewed as indicative of continuous teaching success and strengthens the case for a candidate.  Until 2015, prior teaching awards may substitute for previous nominations for nominees from the Health Science Campus.
  • Nomination forms coming from more than one source (i.e., students, faculty, and alumni) strengthen the case for a candidate; however, the number of nominations is not, in itself, a sufficient criterion for selection.

The following rules shall also apply:

  • Full-time (tenured, tenure track and lecturers) faculty members in all colleges are eligible with the exception of previous recipients.
  • College or departmental representation is not considered in the evaluation process.
  • Evidence supporting faculty-initiated campaigns will be investigated and may lead the committee to disqualify the nominee as a candidate.


Last Updated: 6/27/22