Board of Trustees

June 25, 2003

The University of Toledo
396th Meeting
Board of Trustees
Wednesday, June 25, 2003
Driscoll Alumni Center Board Room  - 10:00 a.m.  

1.    Call to Order

  • Chairperson's Year End Summary 

2.    President's Report - Exhibit A 

3.    David Van Hooser Presentation 

4.    Consent Agenda Items - Exhibit B
a)     Approval of Minutes - April 30, 2003
b)     Faculty Personnel Actions
c)     Grants Report
d)     Staff Personnel Actions
e)     FY 2006 Housing Budget Revision
f)      Health & Human Services Dana Classroom Project 

5.    Information Items - Exhibit C 

Academic Affairs Committee Update - A. Goodridge 

  • Prioritization Task Force Update - R. Sheehan
  • Fall 2003 New Student Tally Update - D. Eastop                       

Finance, Administration & Facilities Committee Update - B. Decatur

  • Financial Information Update

Strategic Issues and Planning - D. Johnson

  •  Report on Fiscal Reform and Athletics - D. Brennan 

6.     Approval Items - Exhibit D

Academic Affairs Committee

  • Endorsement of Strategic Directions for the Next Decade
  • Administrative Rules Governing Participation in Companies Commercializing University Discoveries, Inventions, and Patents by University Entrepreneurs
  • Personnel Actions Submitted After Board Committee Mailing Deadline                       

Finance, Administration & Facilities Committee

  • Continuing Budget Resolution
  • AAUP Contract Extension

Student Affairs Committee

  • Student Health Insurance Premium for Policy Year 2003-2004
  • Administrative Rules Governing Student Life

Trusteeship Committee

  • Comprehensive Presidential Assessment - R. McQuade 

Presidential Assessment Committee

  • Presidential Assessment Report - D. Brennan 

Nominating Committee

  • Nominating Committee Report - R. McQuade 

7.    Executive Session (if necessary) 

8.   Adjournment

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