Board of Trustees

December 17, 2003

The University of Toledo
400th Meeting
Board of Trustees
Wednesday, December 17, 2003
Student Union - Room 2592 - 8:15 a. 

1.     Call to Order                            

2.     President's Report - Exhibit A 

3.     Consent Agenda Items - Exhibit B
a)      Approval of Minutes - October 22, 2003
b)      Faculty Personnel Actions
c)      Grants Report
d)      Staff Personnel Actions
e)      Summer Fee Increase for Law School
f)        Parks Tower Fire Suppression and Alarm Systems Improvements (Phase IV)
g)      Parking Facilities Improvements (Phase III)
h)      Audited Financial Report Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2003 

4.    Information Items - Exhibit C 

Academic Affairs Committee Update

Ø      Enrollment Services Quality Team - Presentation by Lisa Hasselschwert  

Finance Committee Update

Ø      Financial Statements for Period Ending October 31, 2003 

Strategic Issues and Planning Update

Ø      Task Force on Program Prioritization Update - R. Sheehan

Ø      Commission on Diversity Update - R. Sheehan 

5.    Approval Items - Exhibit D 

Finance Committee

Ø      Stop Loss Health Insurance Coverage  

6.    Executive Session (if necessary) 

7.    Adjournment

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