Board of Trustees

June 23, 2004

The University of Toledo
403rd Meeting
Board of Trustees
Wednesday, June 23, 2004
Driscoll Alumni Center Board Room - 10:00 a.m. 

1.   Call to Order                                 

2.   Remarks by Auditor of State Betty D. Montgomery

3.   President's Report - Exhibit A 

4.   Chair's End of Year Summary 

5.   Consent Agenda Items - Exhibit B
a)      Approval of Minutes - April 28, 2004
b)      Grants Report
c)      Distance Learning Center Name Change
d)      Additional Fee Recommendation
e)      Southwest Mechanical Utilities Project

6.   Information Items - Exhibit C (no exhibits) 

7.   Approval Items  - Exhibit D 

Academic Affairs

Ø      Faculty Personnel Actions

Ø      Policy on Confidentiality of Student Records 

Audit Committee

Ø      Audit Process Communication (no exhibit)                             


Ø      Staff Personnel Actions

Ø      Fiscal Year 2005 Budget Recommendations

Ø      Salary Increase Resolution for Fiscal Year 2005

Ø      Need-Based Aid Quasi-Endowment Fund

Ø      Enterprise Resource Planning Project

Ø      Proposed Policies:

·        Concealed/Dangerous Weapons

·        Violence in the Workplace

·        Operational Contingency and Continuity Planning 

Student Life

Ø      Residence Hall Policy 


Ø      Revisions to the Bylaws of the Board of Trustees 

Presidential Assessment Committee

Ø      Presidential Assessment Report - R. McQuade 

Nominating Committee

Ø      Nominating Committee Report - O. Summons

8.   Executive Session (if necessary) 

9.   Adjournment

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