Board of Trustees

October 27, 2004

The University of Toledo
405th Meeting
Board of Trustees
Wednesday, October 27, 2004
Student Union Room 2592 - 8:15 a.m. 

1.     Call to Order          

2.     Chairman's Remarks

3.     President's Report - Exhibit A 

4.     Consent Agenda Items - Exhibit B

a)      Approval of Minutes - August 25, 2004
b)     Faculty Personnel Actions
c)      Grants Report
d)     Candidates for Degrees
e)      University Assessment Plan
f)       Staff Personnel Actions
g)      Firewater Supply Line Replacement, Engineering Complex Phase II
h)      Telecommunications Infrastructure Renovations
i)        Research Building Purchase, Dorr Street
j)       Multiple Project Financing - Debt Issuance
k)     Additional Fee Recommendation - Student Medical Center
l)        Banking Resolution
m)    Strategic Plan Update
n)      Policy on Records Management  

5.     Approval Items - Exhibit C 

            Audit Committee

-Audited Financial Statements - Fiscal Year 2004

            Finance Committee

-Health Care Vendor Contract
-Prescription Drug Contract 
-Unlawful Harassment Policy

6.     Information Items - Exhibit D 

            Finance Committee

-Competitive Bid Process 
-Update on Review of Medical Center and Child Care Center

7.     Code of Ethics Signing 

8.      Executive Session (if necessary) 

9.      Adjournment

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