Board of Trustees

September 18, 2006

The University of Toledo
3rd Meeting
Board of Trustees
Monday, September 18, 2006
Driscoll Center, Schmakel Room  
2:00 p.m.

1.      Call to Order            

2.      Approval of Minutes

a)      July 6, 2006 Board of Trustees Meeting - Exhibit A
b)      July 31, 2006 Special Board of Trustees Meeting - Exhibit B
c)      August 14, 2006 Board of Trustees Committee Meeting - Exhibit C
d)      September 8, 2006 Board Administration and Trusteeship Committee Meeting - Exhibit D
e)      September 11, 2006 Finance Committee Meeting - Exhibit E
3.      Consent Agenda Items - Exhibit F
a)      International Union of Police Association Contract
b)      Honorary Degree Nomination - Tab 1
c)      Resolution No. 06-09-04, "Authorizing Conveyance of The Convocation Center" - Tab 2
d)      Main Campus Personnel Actions - Tab 3
e)      Board Bylaws Addition (C) Committee Duties, Health Science and Clinical Care Committee - Tab 4
f)       Naming Proposal for Dr. Ernest Gray - Tab 5
4.      Committee Reports and Presentations
a)      Institutional Advancement
-          Enrollment Status Report and Future Planning
-          The University of Toledo Brand
-          Capital Campaign Update
b)      Academic Affairs
-          Update on Accreditation
-          Profile of Incoming Freshmen Class
-          Profile of the Incoming Medical School Class
-          Anatomy Software Development
c)      Facilities
-          Facilities and Construction Update
d)      Finance
-          July-August FY07 Budget Status
e)      Audit
-          Progress on FY06 Closeout
-          Review of Funds, Charter Schools
f)       Human Resources
-          Workforce Reengineering
-          Health Science Campus Personnel Actions – Exhibit G
g)      Student Affairs
-          Beginning of Academic Year Events and Activities
-          Student Behaviors
-          Student Centeredness Activities
h)      Board Administration and Trusteeship
-          No presentation
i)        Health Science and Clinical Care
-          Detailed Account of Credentials Process
-          Medical Staff Report, R. McGinnis, J. Gold (Executive Session) 

5.      President’s Report  

6.      Chairman’s Report  

7.      Executive Session, if necessary  

8.      Other Business  

9.      Adjournment

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