New Prescriptions - We accept prescriptions from medical providers of the Ryan White Clinic. You can bring the prescription directly to one of the UT Outpatient Pharmacies or your healthcare professional may contact us at: 419-383-3355.  

Transfer Prescriptions - It is easy to have a prescription transferred. You may bring your prescription bottle with you or let the pharmacy staff know where you fill your prescriptions.  
Refills - Refills can be ordered by using our automated refill line at 419-383-3355 or online  If you do not have refills, please contact your health care professional or leave a message for the pharmacy staff to call for you.  You
Pharmacy Counseling - Stop in any time to talk to our friendly pharmacy staff about your medications or medication-related issues. Our highly trained clinical pharmacist is available to counsel every patient regarding their current or new prescriptions. Please call and talk to a pharmacist if you are having an adverse reaction to a medication or need additional information.
Multiple Locations- Prescriptions can be picked-up at one of our three UT Outpatient Pharmacy locations or mailed to your home or office.  Please call us to find out more.
Refill Reminders- One of our pharmacy staff will contact you several days before your refill is due to see if you are ready for a refill and follow-up on any questions or side effects experienced.
Follow-Up Phone calls- Our clinical pharmacist will contact you five days after you fill a new medication to address any issues or answer any questions that you might have.
On-line and phone refill services are available 24 hours a day for your convenience.

Last Updated: 6/30/19