College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Leadership Message

May 2022

Faith Wetzel Sears


Faith Wetzel SearsAs the Spring 2022 semester comes to a close, I want to offer my sincerest congratulations to members of the P2 and P4 classes as they graduate with their B.S.P.S. and Pharm.D. degrees this month. You made it! I know that you all will go on to do incredible things in your careers.

With this exciting transition just around the corner, I wanted to discuss something that I believe affects many of us: imposter syndrome. For those who don’t know, imposter syndrome is defined by Merriam-Webster as the “persistent doubt concerning one's abilities or accomplishments accompanied by the fear of being exposed as a fraud despite evidence of one's ongoing success.”

While initially observed in high-achieving professional women, imposter syndrome has been demonstrated to affect people regardless of their gender identity or career status. For college students and young professionals, this can be especially crippling.

As we prepare to start summer internships, APPE rotations, or even careers and residencies, we may doubt our abilities or worry if our knowledge is adequate. I know that I’ve felt so many times like I’m just a fraud who is faking my way through pharmacy school, and eventually the “truth” would catch up to me. The funny thing is, the truth about who I am, and what I am capable of has been there all along; I just couldn’t see it. I am prepared for the responsibilities that lie ahead of me, and so are you. From the start of P1 year, the college is preparing us to take the reins and serve our communities through leadership—regardless of the path we choose to pursue.

It is so easy to become wrapped up in feelings of anxiety and self-doubt. I just want to let everyone reading this to know that if you feel like an impostor sometimes, you are not the only one. It can be hard to tune those voices out, but our incredible faculty here at the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences have been working tirelessly to make sure that we have been equipped with the necessary skills to achieve success.

As we finish out finals week or study for the board exams, I hope everyone takes time to celebrate their achievements thus far. Take comfort in the fact that we have been well-prepared for whatever lies ahead, this summer and beyond.
Wishing you all a great end to the school year!

Faith Wetzel Sears
2023 Pharm.D. Candidate
President, Pharmacy Student Council



Last Updated: 5/5/22