Wright Center for Photovoltaics Innovation and Commercialization

Optical Properties of Materials Research at UT

Faculty: Ramez Ahangharnejhad , Rob Collins , Randy Ellingson , Michael Heben , Dengbing Li , Adam Phillips , Nik Podraza , Puja Pradhan , Balaji Ramanujam , Indra Subedi , Yanfa Yan , Canglang Yao , Zuan Zuo
Students: Prabin Dulal , Niva Jayswal , Nadeesha Katakumbura , Kamala Khanal Subedi , Madan Mainali , Aesha Patel , Matthew Peter Davis , Mohammed Razooqi , Dhurba Sapkota , Niraj Shrestha , Biswas Subedi , Marie Solange Tumusange
Alumni: Dipendra Adhikari , Kiran Ghimire , Adam Halaoui , Hamna Haneef , Neale Haugen , Zhiquan Huang , Max Junda , Prakash Koirala , Jian Li , Geethika Liyanage , Paul Roland , Michelle Sestak , Xinxuan Tan , Prakash Uprety , Suneth Watthage

Given that solar cells are fundamentally opto-electronic devices, understanding the optical properties of the constituent materials is critical for engineering and optimizing photovoltaic performance.  Here at PVIC we have a large group of researchers deeply involved in accurate optical measurements through a variety of techniques.  We specialize in spectroscopic ellipsometry and have ellipsometric instrumentation capable of measuring spectral ranges from millimeter to vacuum-ultraviolet wavelengths.  Additionally, have capabilities in transmittance and reflectance spectroscopy as well as photothermal deflection spectroscopy.  The results of such optical measurements are used for a variety of purposes such as solar cell performance simulation, real-time material degradation studies, optical Hall effect determination of electronic properties, measurement of opto-electronic anisotropy, real-time thin film growth monitoring, and many more.  Click on the slides to learn more about these projects.

Last Updated: 4/26/21