Department of Physics and Astronomy

Welcome to the Department of Physics and Astronomy at The University of Toledo. We are a growing, world-class department with strong programs in research and academics, nationally and internationally recognized faculty members, ties to physics-related industries and a record of student success. We strive to provide students with access to the cutting-edge research efforts of a larger institution, while still maintaining the level of personal interaction with faculty found at smaller places. Our faculty have the highest level of external research funding at UToledo, with a five-year total of more than $42 million! (Source: UToledo Office of Research, 12/2023)

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In addition to providing a strong education in physics and astronomy, our programs educate students in the areas of critical thinking, modeling, design and development. This allows physics and astronomy majors to be hired in a variety of settings. Salary information is based on AIP statistics.

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Physics and astronomy - study the world and the universe

The study of physics & astronomy allows us to address the age-old questions, “how do things work?” and “where do we come from?” Physics forms the basis for other sciences and much of our technology. Additionally, an understanding of physics plays a crucial role in addressing many important challenges such as energy production, semiconductor technology, and climate change.


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