UToledo's Strategic Plan

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The University of Toledo improves the human condition as a public research university and academic medical center whose mission is to educate students to become future-ready graduates, cultivate leaders, create and advance knowledge, care for patients and engage our local, national and global communities.


The University of Toledo will impact the present and shape the future through our actions and discoveries. To achieve this vision, we will:

  • Prioritize student success, health and well-being
  • Create a diverse community built on foundations of respect, inclusion and belonging
  • Embrace a people-first culture where we are known for outstanding student experiences, alumni and donor engagement, patient satisfaction and as an employer of choice
  • Launch graduates equipped to think critically, act ethically, collaborate and communicate effectively in diverse environments, and apply their knowledge and skills to analyze and solve real-world problems
  • Build on our distinct strengths and invest in areas that increase the University’s impact
  • Foster research, innovation, discovery and creative work that transform our world
  • Partner with our communities to advance our mutual success and create opportunity for all
  • Inspire a love of life-long learning and commitment to serving others
  • Develop and strengthen relationships that invest in our mission to improve the human condition


  • Academic Excellence – We embrace the highest standards of achievement, challenging our students, faculty and staff to reach their greatest potential.
  • People-Centered – We prioritize our relationships with our students, faculty, staff, patients, alumni and donors, creating a culture where everyone feels valued, supported and part of the Rocket family.
  • Inclusion – We foster belonging, equity and respect for all as part of our commitment to valuing diversity of people and ideas.
  • Community – We advance the public good in our regional, state, national and global communities through service and collaboration.
  • Research and Innovation – We impact the world around us through innovation in discovery, integration, application, teaching and creative works.
  • Integrity – We are trustworthy, acting with honesty, transparency, accountability and authenticity in all we do.
  • Efficiency and Effectiveness – We ensure long-term success through fiscal stability, sustainability, alignment, efficiency and operational excellence.


Goal 1: Ensure Student Success From Recruitment Through Graduation


  • Implement an Enrollment Management Plan That Prioritizes Student Success
  • Enhance Recruitment, Outreach and Communication to Prospective Students
  • Elevate Student Success Through Learning Support and Timely Degree Completion
  • Invigorate Campus Life and Student Experiences

Goal 2: Deliver Relevant and Innovative Academic Programs


  • Identify and Prioritize Relevant and Strategic Academic Programs
  • Enhance Student Learning, Access and Opportunities Through Multiple Curricula Delivery Modalities
  • Better Utilize Academic Structure for Programmatic and Financial Efficiencies
  • Emphasize Healthcare-Related Academic Programs that Build on UTMC Strengths

Goal 3: Set the Standard for Health Education and Patient Care


  • Provide Students With Nationally Recognized Academic and Research Experiences
  • Increase Healthcare Quality, Safety and Patient Satisfaction
  • Integrate the Clinical Enterprise to Drive Efficiency and Healthcare Excellence

Goal 4: Distinguish UToledo Regionally, Nationally and Internationally


  • Develop and Promote Community Engagement and Strategic Partnerships
  • Invest in and Support Research and Innovation
  • Continue Upward Trajectory in National Rankings
  • Highlight Unique Strengths and Advantages of a UToledo Education
  • Continue to Elevate UToledo in Areas of Sustainability

Goal 5: Foster a People-Centered Culture


  • Promote a Culture of Respect, Inclusion and Belonging
  • Attract and Retain the Best and the Brightest
  • Provide Opportunities to Connect Students, Faculty and Staff with our Community, Alumni and Donors

Goal 6: Position UToledo for Future Success Through Financial and Operational Effectiveness


  • Implement and Assess the Incentive-based Budget Model
  • Strengthen Alumni and Donor Engagement
  • Increase Fundraising Opportunities and Major Investments
  • Align UToledo’s Physical Footprint With Current and Future Utilization Needs
  • Invest in Strategic Capital Improvement Projects
  • Increase Sustainable Operations

Strategic Plan 2017-2022

UToledo’s previous strategic plan, Path to Excellence: Strategic Plan 2017-2022, focused on five strategic priorities: student success, strengthening research, attracting and retaining top talent, financial stability and sustainability, and strengthening the UToledo brand and reputation.

The University also is guided by strategic plans in support of diversity and inclusion and campus master plan goals.

Strategic Plan 2017-2022

Strategic Plan for Diversity and Inclusion

Multiple-campus Master Plan


Last Updated: 1/31/24