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The UT Student Green Fund is funded by voluntary student donations, and serves to finance student proposed and executed projects that promote sustainability, renewable energy, efficiency, waste reduction, and educational initiatives such as conferences, workshops, public classes, and internships.

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What's the latest news?

  • With the support of the student body, the $5 voluntary fee that contributes to the Student Green Fund has changed from opt-in to opt-out status!
  • Funding proposal applications can be found here, as well as on the Grants page. We are accepting applications for Spring 2015 on a rolling basis!
  • Want to be on the Student Green Fund Committee? Applications are due April 17th and are available here!
  • Want to be in charge of the Student Green Fund Committee? Student Manager applications are also due April 17th and are available here!

Feel free to join us at our weekly meetings on Mondays at 2-3 pm! Email us at for meeting location.


Last Updated: 3/23/15