Research and Sponsored Programs

URAF Awards 2012-2013

 Arts and Humanities 
Thor Mednick The New Landscape in Paint: Economics and Modernity in Nineteenth-Century Europe Art
Todd Michney African Americans and Federally-backed Mortgage Access in the New Deal Era History
Kim Nielsen Property, Disability, and the Incompetent Citizen in Post-Civil War America Disability Studies (LLSS)
 Social Sciences 
Doina Chichernea Equity Elasticity and the Cross-Section of Returns Finance
Revathy Kumar Developing Mindfulness: A Pathway to Enhance Pre-service Teachers’ Intercultural Competence and Academic Motivation Educational Foundations & Leadership
Mary Beth Schlemper Regions, Borders and Identity in the 21st Century Geography and Planning
Yue Zhang Optimal Capacity Investmentand Pricing for Time-Sensitive Demand IOTM
 Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Engineering 
Song S Qian Scales and Levels in Ecological and Environmental Data Analysis and Modeling: A Bayesian Hierarchical Modeling Approach Environmental Sciences
Weiqing Sun Developing a UAV network Simulation Testbed for cyber Security Research Engineering Technology
 deArce-Koch Memorial Fund
Amanda Bryant-Friedrich Synthesis of Novel Nucleoside Analogs Designed to Target Hepatitis C Medicinal & Biological Chemistry
Rafael Garcia-Mata Regulation of Invadopodia Formation by RhoG in Breast Cancer Cells Biological Sciences
Steven Sucheck Design and Synthesis of Mechanism-Based Inhibitors Targeting Mycobacterium tuberculosis GlgE Chemistry
Deborah Vestal Regulation of NF-kB by the IFN-induced GTPase, mGBP-2 Biological Sciences
 Visiting Faculty  
Dong Shik Kim Development of an Instantaneous Biosensor for Bacterial bone Infection Chemical/Env Engineering
Ming-Cheh Liu Post-Translational Tyrosine Sulfation of complement Proteins Pharmacology
 STEM Innovation  
Lingfeng Wang A Preliminary Study of Cloud Computing for Smart Grid Data Management: Impacts on Performance, Security and Reliability Elec Eng & Computer Science
 Interdisciplinary Research Initiation 
Frank Pizza Immunobiology of Myogenesis Kinesiology
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