Office of Assessment, Accreditation and Program Review

Core Curriculum Assessment

The Faculty Senate Committee on Core Curriculum is responsible for the assessment of the core curriculum. Highlights of their recent work include the following:

Updated Assessment Plan

Core Curriculum Assessment Plan

Focus on Critical Thinking and Integrated Learning

The committee focused on the assessment of the core student learning outcome- Critical Thinking and Integrative Learning by:

  • Collecting and submitting 100 student artifacts from multiple core curriculum courses to the AAC&U VALUE Institute. (Results are pending)
  • Convening a task force to develop a rubric to assess student artifacts from courses and assignments intentionally designed to promote learning related to critical thinking and integrative learning
  • Recruiting and training a team of faculty members to use the newly developed rubric to conduct an internal review of the student artifacts submitted to the AAC&U’s VALUE Institute.  View CC Internal Review Critical Thinking.

Comprehensive Program Review

The committee developed a self-study and met with an external review team of their peers in Spring 2021. Recommendations from the review are currently being considered by the Faculty Senate Executive Committee and Provost Office.

Core Curriculum Course Reports

The Faculty Senate Committee on Core Curriculum requires departments teaching core curriculum courses to submit an annual summary report for each course taught during the academic year.

View 2020-2021 Summary

Spring 2021 Student Feedback

One of the goals of student course evaluations is to offer feedback to various stakeholders about our students’ perceptions of their learning environments.

View 2020-2021 Results

 For more information about the core curriculum, please visit the Undergraduate Catalog


Last Updated: 1/22/24