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Curriculum Mapping

January 17, 2020

Dr. Jennifer M. Harrison, Associate Director for Assessment , University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Academic Program and Service Unit Teams are invited to participate in the full-day workshop designed to help academic programs and student service units develop curriculum maps that show alignment of courses to program outcomes or service unit activities to outcomes.  Participants will also identify opportunities for direct assessment of student learning, and discuss how intentional curricular and co-curricular alignment benefits student success.

The speaker and facilitator for the day is Dr. Jennifer M. Harrison, Associate Director for Assessment, Faculty Development Center, University of Maryland, Baltimore County


Outcome: Practice curriculum mapping skills

Activities: Using a common simulation exercise

    • Map program-level student learning outcomes across courses/service unit learning opportunities
    • Develop signature assignments

Outcomes: Begin developing a curriculum map for your program/service unit & practice using data to inform decisions about curriculum

Activities:  Discuss how your specific program's student learning outcomes align with courses offered in the program/service unit's learning opportunities

    • Begin to identify signature assignments within your program
    • Using the common simulation exercise, practice reviewing data related to signature assignments

About the Speaker & Facilitator

Dr. Jennifer M. HarrisonDr. Jennifer M. Harrison

Associate Director for Assessment
University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Dr. Jennifer M. Harrison has worked in higher education for almost 30 years and is currently UMBC’s Associate Director for Assessment in the Faculty Development Center. She has expertise in accreditation, institutional effectiveness, student learning assessment, critical pedagogy, curriculum development, educational technology, and online and face-to-face active learning. She currently specializes in interdisciplinary educational development and curriculum mapping. An experienced speaker, she has created hundreds of workshops, programs, and presentations for a range of higher education audiences, including national, regional, and local conferences. At UMBC, she consults with faculty and staff to strengthen learning assessment practices and offers programs and workshops to support faculty development. She was a key contributor to UMBC’s successful re-accreditation efforts and continues to work with faculty, staff, and leaders to support authentic assessment.

Before joining UMBC, she served the labor movement for 15 years at the National Labor College, crafting interdisciplinary writing, research, and critical thinking curricula; leading faculty development, prior learning assessment, and educational technology processes; cultivating strategic, institutional effectiveness, and learning assessment plans, and successfully contributing to re-accreditation as Associate Professor of Writing and Director of Assessment. After earning tenure, she chaired the admissions committee, brokering a FIPSE grant into a redesigned student-success oriented matriculation process designed to integrate with prior learning assessment and improve graduation rates; redesigned the capstone program; crafted key policy documents; and contributed to continuous improvement initiatives by founding and chairing the Assessment Committee.

Dr. Harrison holds an interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Language, Literacy, and Culture from UMBC, a master’s degree in English Language and Literature from University of Maryland, College Park, and a bachelor’s degree in English with a minor in art from Washington College. Her current research focuses on authentic assessment, including inclusive curriculum mapping and design; graduate, co-curricular, and interdisciplinary assessment; assessment technologies; and the benefits of contextualizing learning analytics with direct learning evidence. She is currently writing a volume on curriculum mapping for Stylus Publishing.


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