Office of Institutional Research

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The Office of Institutional Research supports the fulfillment of the University's mission by providing objective and insightful analysis and information to the University community.

Major IR Functions

  1. Acts as the official source of institutional information for the University
  2. Provides support to the University's mission and strategic plan
  3. Provides support for systematic University-wide participation in assessment, planning, implementation, and reporting
  4. Provides services and support to colleges and departments for developing, implementing, and evaluating assessment programs, plans, and outcomes
  5. Conducts institutional research studies to support planning and decision making processes
  6. Fulfills state, federal, and other external reporting requirements
  7. Supports institutional and program accreditation activities
  8. Responds to internal and external stakeholders’ requests and data needs.  Visit our IR Data Request page.
  9. Stays informed about current higher education trends and utilizes analytical methodologies in support of institutional planning and decision making.

IR Data Requests

Last Updated: 2/18/20