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Prior to submitting a request for data, check if the information  you need is already available on the OIR website or in ARGOS. Record-level data should be directed to the Registrar or appropriate Business office.  The institutional research office only provides  aggregate data (summarized data on groups of individuals).

The information you are looking for may be available in Facts at a Glance, the Common Data Set or  in the  Institutional Data Report  located in our Report Library. If you do not have access to our ARGOS dashboards, check with your department chair or associate dean from your college to determine if the data can be extracted from an existing dashboard before submitting a request.

For ARGOS access to  dashboards, please fill out the WRL form on the IT website. Several dashboards are available to all staff and faculty under the General Inquiry folder. To access these login here using your UTAD credentials.

Institutional Research data requests require that you complete a Request form with approval from your immediate supervisor, VP, Provost or Dean.  Please allow at least 2- 3 weeks notice for your request. More complex  reports may take more time so please plan accordingly to meet your project deadlines.

If this is a recurring request, provide a sample of a prior report by e-mail attachment to

Be as specific as possible about the data you are requesting (student populations;type of faculty; time frames) and for whom the request is intended (e.g. State, accreditation, grant proposal, US News surveys, etc...). 

Last Updated: 9/28/21