Office of Institutional Research

Survey process & guidelines

Are you planning to administer a survey of students, faculty and/or staff?  If so, here are the steps to take.

  1. For new surveys or changes to an existing survey, submit an amendment or new study for IRB review using IRB Manager:    [doc.pdf]
  2. You will receive a formal determination/approval from the IRB via email.
  3. Once you receive a formal determination/approval from the IRB, check if the Survey Policy applies to your survey.
  4. If the survey policy applies to your survey, you will need to fill out the survey coordinating form and attach your survey instrument. This will be sent out to the members of the Survey committee for approval and you may be invited to discuss your survey at the next committee meeting.

If you have received IRB determination/approval and have your Survey instrument files ready, you can start the Survey approval process.

 Note: For all surveys, we encourage you to check our  Survey Calendar  for currently administered surveys and the  Survey schedule to reduce  overlap with pre-scheduled major surveys. 

Exclusions: The following surveys do not need to be submitted for review or approval to the Survey Committee, but may require IRB review.

  • Course and Event evaluations
  • Faculty surveying students within their own classes
  • Students surveying other students within their classes

 Survey Workflow Process

 Quality Improvement/Quality Assurance Projects document

Last Updated: 6/27/22