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Census Enrollment at Ohio Public Institutions Open Access with UTAD Login


Previous Reports

Note: These are historical documents and reflect what was reported when these were published using the data definitions that were adopted at that time. Definitions can change over time and measurement precision can improve. Therefore, the data in one report may not match reports and dashboards published during other time periods, especially those showing trends where it is important that the same definitions be applied consistently across all the time periods for likewise comparison. While these documents preserve the historically published numbers, readers are encouraged to look at the most recent publication where current definitions and measurement practices are applied.

Direct from High School Market Share at Ohio Public Institutions Open Access with UTAD Login


fall CEnsus ENROLLMENT Dashboards

Census enrollment dashboard in Power BI with comprehensive academic and demographic information

IR Dashboard for Enrollments                    

IR Dashboard for Enrollments SS                       


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Last Updated: 11/15/22