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The Wellness Management & Recovery Lab

WMR LogoThe Wellness Management and Recovery Coordinating Center of Excellence (WMR CCOE) is a training and technical assistance center created and supported by the Ohio Department of Mental Health. The WMR program represents a state-wide initiative that seeks to improve the quality of clinical care by accelerating the adoption of evidence-based and clinical best practices within Ohio's public mental health system, with a focus on promoting recovery for individuals with serious and persistent mental illness. The research consultant for the WMR CCOE is Wesley A. Bullock, Ph.D., at the University of Toledo. Dr. Bullock and the clinical psychology graduate students who work in the WMR lab at UT conduct ongoing research on the effectiveness of the WMR program and associated topics in public mental health and mental health recovery.

WMR is a holistic, recovery-focused, psycho-educational group therapy program that includes cognitive-behavioral techniques and motivational interviewing as core components. The WMR sessions are co-facilitated by a staff member of an agency and a peer specialist who is currently receiving mental health services. The peer-provider team approach to training and implementation of WMR accentuates the importance of collaboration in promoting mental health recovery and harnesses the power of peers in promoting the recovery process. Over the last 7 years, longitudinal outcome data have been collected on over 1000 participants in the WMR program from over 20 community-based, hospital, and consumer-operated services sites across the State of Ohio. In addition to general program outcomes, specialized clinical research topics such as the role of WMR in reduction of PTSD symptoms, the role of WMR as a component of integrated health care, and the role of WMR in the reduction of stigma, have been explored in research projects by graduate students working in the WMR lab.

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Last Updated: 7/15/24