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Tips and Tricks on Finding an internship or co-op

Start Early!

A key aspect of obtaining an internship is to start your search early. The Neff College of Business and Innovation and its Business Career Programs Office encourages business students to attend job fairs and career services events as early as their freshman year. In doing so, you will begin honing your networking, interviewing and career-search skills as soon as your begin your collegiate studies.

Perfect Your Resume

The key to effectively pursuing an internship or co-op is to have a resume that is up-to-date and optimized for what recruiters are looking for. Our Business Career Programs experts are here to help you craft the perfect resume to stand out amongst the competition and help you secure interviews.

Be Open to Opportunities

An internship or co-op is a fantastic way to determine if you enjoy working in a particular field. However, it is also a great way to figure out if you would like to take your career in a different direction. When it comes to the early stages of your career, gaining business experience and exposure can give you a valuable chance to sample new career fields, even if you decide you want to work in a different facet of business.

An internship is not a lifelong career, but it can be a first step into figuring out if you truly enjoy your chosen field. Sometimes it works out and you love it, and sometimes you may decide to take your studies and career in a different direction. And that's okay!

Follow Up With Employers

Maybe you met a recruiter with a company at one of our bi-annual job fairs, or perhaps you were able to network with a representative of an employer at a event - don't be afraid to reach out to them! Most professionals will be more willing to help you than you think. Showing the initative to reach out to them displays persistence and passion and could possibly lead to an internship or co-op opportunity.

Utilize Online Resources

The internet is an extremely powerful tool for opening the door to an internship or co-op. The Neff College of Business and Innovation supports resources that will build upon the skills that our Business Career Programs Office and college curriculum assist with.

The University of Toledo's Handshake platform is an innovative technology and comprehensive platform for jobs, internships, events, employer connections and more. As you search for opportunities and keep your profile updated, it will bring you more of your interests. Let Handshake help you begin your career!

Seeking Academic Credit for an Internship?

   1. Review Internship Guidelines.
   2. Complete and return Internship Approval Form and Student Information Sheet to Business Career Programs.
   3. Upon approval, adhere to Internship Report Guidelines.

Last Updated: 1/11/23